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In this article we will gather up all fan-made software that can be supportive in your FOnline2 endeavors. If you have problem with using those tools ask for help in their dedicated forum threads.

Character Planner

Most important extra tool, allows to check and plan out your characters without actually leveling them up.

Click here.

To Hit calculator

An little toy helping to figure out how much combat skill your character will actually need.

Click here.

Critical Chance Calculator

A small toy, helpful for snipers.

Click here.

Item Highlighter - A graphic mod

Makes items dropped on the ground more visible. First link in post expired - Go to the end of the thread for a working link.

Click here.

No walls - A graphic mod

Ever wondered why some people are keep finding your stashed things in places like Glow?

Click here.

Note: This graphic mod will make your game look like some kind weird excel sheet. Install only if you know what you're doing. Or a big fan of Microsoft Office.

Name Coloriser

Software that helps generating a name colorizing file for you and your faction. Really helpful stuff!

Click here.

Crosshairs Changer

This mod is adding 16 custom crosshairs sets in 4 colors (red, green, blue and white). The famous White Lupe Crosshair that many players are using, can be set by using this software.

Click here.

Hubologist's Robe into APA

This little graphic mod change the graphic of Hubologist's Robe with an Advanced Power Armor one. If you have bad eyesight and problems with detecting sneakers you can try using this one.

Click here.

FixBoy 2000

Coming from the well know to the community, awesome software developer, Balthasar, this is his newest creation. As he described it is:

"Basically it's a virtual crafting tool to help you calculate the resources you need to craft a certain item."

If you plan on doing some massive crafting sessions this tool might be extremely handy for you.

Click here.