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Vault 15 map, from Fallout 1.


This Vault has remained closed for fifty years after the Great War. When the all-clear signal came in Spring 2241, its denizens proceeded to settle in the land, with most of them founding the town of Shady Sands, which would later become the capital of the powerful New California Republic.

Vault 15 is a medium sided dungeon, thought as entry stage for novice wastelanders that want to start making expedition to the dungeons, just a little warm up before real challenges.

Note: Having some basic lock picking skills or bringing lockpicks will be really useful in this dungeon.


1. All Kinds of Rats!

Yes you had read correctly. Your enemies here will be a consist of cave rats, pigrats and molerats. Quite a challenge huh?

Cave Rat Vital Statistics Resistances (DT/DR) Notes
Hit Points 22 Experience 100
Armor Class 21 Bonus Meele Damage 1
Sequence 2 Critical Chance 5
Action Points 8 Healing Rate 1

Szablon9.png 2/25% Szablon11.png 0/20%
Szablon15.png 0/20% Szablon10.png 0/10% Szablon13.png 0/20% Szablon12.png 0/30%

Smallest one.
Mutated Pigrat Vital Statistics Resistances (DT/DR) Notes
Hit Points 46 Experience 200
Armor Class 22 Bonus Meele Damage 5
Sequence 2 Critical Chance 4
Action Points 8 Healing Rate 1

Szablon9.png 2/25% Szablon11.png 0/20%
Szablon15.png 0/20% Szablon10.png 0/10% Szablon13.png 0/20% Szablon12.png 0/30%

Middle sized machines of doom (well almost).
Mutated Molerat Vital Statistics Resistances (DT/DR) Notes
Hit Points 126 Experience 350
Armor Class 28 Bonus Meele Damage 7
Sequence 6 Critical Chance 4
Action Points 10 Healing Rate 1

Szablon9.png 4/30% Szablon11.png 4/10%
Szablon15.png 4/10% Szablon10.png 4/20% Szablon13.png 4/25% Szablon12.png 4/10%

Biggest ones.

2. Dungeon Boss

Gore Vital Statistics Resistances (DT/DR) Notes
Hit Points 339 Experience 750
Armor Class 20 Bonus Meele Damage 30
Sequence 6 Critical Chance 10
Action Points 10 Healing Rate 3

Szablon9.png 10/40% Szablon11.png 10/40%
Szablon15.png 10/40% Szablon10.png 10/40% Szablon13.png 10/25% Szablon12.png 10/40%

A Local Boss of Rats. He is slightly stronger than normal molerats and has an elite escort of mutated molerats. Killing him will grant 750 experience points.


As you enter the location you will be welcomed with look of most boring shack ever, nevertheless go straight to that shack and jump into your first level of Vault 15. You will have to kill a few basic rats then you can try to lockpick into 2 containers. They might have something useful...Done? That was fast! Lets continue to level 2 - here you will have to deal with a mass attack of various rats, if you feel like you're being swarmed too much you can always escape to one of the rooms so only or two rats could attack you at a time. Once you clear the level from rats capture all loot that could possible spawn in the containers(some of them are protected by average lock) and proceed further. On level 3 you will encounter Boss Rat - Gore, with an elite escort of he's molerat brethren. Do a little rat slaying, then loot containers, collect electronic parts from computers and voila! If you have an electronic lockpick you can also get to the room with some well supplied containers(To open door Electronic lockpick/Advanced Electronic Lock pick must be placed in active hand slot then use lockpick from skill bar, or press 2 onto doors.)

Dungeon Maps

Vault 15 has 3 small underground maps.

Points of Interest


  • 1 - Entrance to the Vault 15.

Level 1

  • 1 - Entrance.
  • 2 - Broken Elevator leading to level 2.
  • L - Locked containers.

Level 2

  • 1 - Broken Elevator leading to level 1.
  • 2 - Broken Elevator leading to level 3.
  • c - Containers (No lockpick needed).
  • L - Locked containers.

Level 3

  • 1 - Broken Elevator leading to level 2.
  • L(!) - Doors opened only by electronic lockpick.
  • c - Containers (No lockpick needed).
  • L - Locked container.
  • e - Scavengable computers (just click on them).
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