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Raiding other players bases during pre-wipe madness.

Server wipe means total restart of all players progress. All player characters are deleted, every item, car, base and tent is deleted. Basically everything becomes deleted.

Server wipe occurs every time a game developer introduces big changes to the gameplay or when a critical bug heavily distorting game become detected. A wipe doesn't mean that server is dead - it means that a new beginning is coming with new changes and features. Do not cry over lost characters and items - its not just you, everybody will start from the scratch so everybody will have equal chances.

Pre Wipe Madness

Pre wipe madness on the worldmap. Yellow - A player tent, blue - a player base, Red - a players inside encounter.

Wipe is not being done at random. Every wipe is being announced with big time beforehand to prepare player base for what is coming. Wipe is like FOnline 2 Holiday - its often a time for celebration, time when developers my finally stop caring about game balance and being serious open minded developer, they can finally do...stuff!

Pre Wipe Madness its a time lasting typically around week two before actual wipe when developers do things. Different things. Things that you wouldn't encounter in normally gaming session. Possible examples are:

  • Killing every NPC in town and changing them into zombie.
  • Revealing all Tents and Base to every person in game.
  • Spawning Power Armors everywhere.
  • Spawning test items not yet finished like Robo Armors.
  • ...and much much More!

Wipe's History

So Far in FOnline 2 there were 3 wipes:

  • First season started on 06.07.2013 and ended on 4.11.2013:

(And after that there were 2 month semi test season. which is not counted as full gaming season due to its shortness. It was dark time of FOnline 2 server, player base was really small at that time and server was terrible balanced.)

  • Second season started on: 10.01.2014 and ended on 20.10.14.

(This season was really interesting, the biggest change that occurred during this season was introduction of Sierra Army Base dungeon, implants and whats most notable a common usage of tier 4 during PvP battles which was a bit controversial - some people enjoyed it other didn't.)

  • Third season started on: 25.10.2014.

When Wipe?

No point in panicking. Grab a bottle of Roentgen Rum and wait. It will come. Soon


As soon as new features are finished we will start playing in another season. Do note that soon might mean a month or two or it could actually means a far bigger amount of time. Soon is pronounced like "Mystery" or as I consider, "Too-far-awayy".

No really, nobody except developers will know the date of wipe. If your old trusted buddy from Hub Downtown claims that wipe is in 2 weeks and you should sell him that old rusted Power Armor you were keeping for bad times, don't get tricked, he's obviously Musashi in disguise.

Really, not even that all knowing dude that told you the requirements for energy professions and now telling you that wipe will be next month, he doesn't know it either.

Really, really nobody knows except developers. There is no point in asking about that on forums, game IRC or in-game. The only true answer you will ever get from non developers is: "Soon".