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Typical workbench.

Workbench: is necessary in crafting of almost all items and can be found in every city. To use one, click with the mouse until the "Use" hand appears. After your character walks in front of the workbench, the fix boy menu will open up. Items listed in red cannot be crafted due to not enough materials or lack of profession. Green items meet all the requirements and can be crafted. Bases have their own primitive workbenches, where basic items like metal parts and gunpowder can be crafted.

Starting from September 2015 the workbenches in unprotected locations have a little better chance to spawn a crafting bonus on your items. The bonus is really small though. It is NOT applying to tier 4 crafting.

Items that doesn't require workbench

Only few items in game doesn't require workbench. Here's list:

Tools: Pack2c.gifPrimitive.png

Guns: Zipgun.gifSpringun.gif

Close Combat Weapons: Oknife.gifBrsnuck.gif

Some Containers: Ammobox1-0static.gifAmmobox2-0static.gifPOORBOX.jpgChest1-0static.gifCRATE4.jpg

Drugs: Healpwdr.gif

Its worth while to remember that you don't have to run to closest workbench if you want to craft on of those items.

Workbench Locations

The protected workbenches are in the sight of city guards, in case of troublemakers they will defend you. The unprotected one can be camped by hostille players. Use them only if you're sure that no enemies are close by.

Private Workbench Location's

So far in the whole FOnline2 only to faction can brag about having their "own" workbenches. In both cases those workbenches are in the town though.

Advanced Workbenches

In order to craft tier 4 type of weapons as well as most powerful armors in the game: Power Armor and Advanced Power Armor, players need to visit either Vault City or Sierra Army Depot. The chance to get crafting bonuses on tier 4 items are same in both Vault City and Sierra Army Depot - the only diffrence lies in fact that first one is adding extra fee of 100k per crafted item while other is in unprotected location which is quite tough to get to.