"Kill them while they're small!"

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Note: You need to be at least on level 10 to start this quest.

Go talk to Pestis in Adytum (Boneyard). He is standing next to a well in the southern part of the map. Ask him about a job. He will direct you to a urban ruins full of small deathclaws. A new location will be created next to Boneyard (2-3 squares to the right on your worldmap). Go there and kill all of the small deathclaws, both outside and inside the complex. You will get a notification when you kill the last one of them.

If your character is still a bit weak, a smart tactic would be to lure one deathclaw at a time. That way you won’t risk them swarming you. If you are a big gun user, there is an area on the left side of the map where only one deathclaw can reach you (between a wall and a car door on the ground), meaning that you can use flamer very effectively. After you kill all of them, report back to Pestis.


Small Deathclaw Vital Statistics Resistances (DT/DR) Notes
Hit Points 174 Experience 350
Armor Class 5 Bonus Meele Damage 2
Sequence 12 Critical Chance 5
Action Points 7 Healing Rate 2

Szablon9.png 2/15% Szablon11.png 2/15%
Szablon15.png 2/15% Szablon10.png 0/15% Szablon13.png 2/15% Szablon12.png 0/15%

Young deathclawes - not a big thread by itself, just dont get swarmed by them.

Location maps

Points of interest

The exterior

  • 1 - Entrance to another part of this location.
  • 2 - A location where only one small deathclaw can reach you (very suitable for flamer-enthusiasts).
  • 3 - Another comfy place, where you can be attacked only from one side.
  • c - Container with a random loot.

The interior

  • c - Container with a random loot.


  • 100 positive karma.
  • 8000 experience.
  • 750 caps.