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That's one way of getting there...(except not really)


You would never like to be locked up in here.

Alcatraz is a place where all renegade players that broke the FOnline2 law are being held prisoner either forever, or a set sentence length between a day and a few weeks.

Most of players get to see only the Alcatraz' basement, but the actual surface map also exist. While the basement is being quite small, with only cells being put there on, the surface visitors might observe quite roomy area filled with guards and prisoners.

There is no way getting out of Alcatraz. Really. Nope that spoon won't help. There is also no way of getting in there other than getting banned. Perhaps in some very special occasion, one day there might be an event tied to this place as it's a shame to see this nice surface map being unused.

Location Map


  • So far there was only one recorded case of almost successful escape from Alcatraz. The well know player: Vederas, managed to knock out the Jail Warden - Skycast and head out to the surface. We don't know what happened to him later, but we should assume that he run past the surface guards, then he swam through the ocean and ended up in Boneyard... maybe.
True Punchmaster!
Skycast was not expecting THAT..
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