Broken Hills

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Broken Hills map, in-game graphic.


A mining town founded by a super mutant and a Brotherhood paladin that was supposed to unite humans, ghouls and mutants. Unfortunately, racial tensions undermine the fragile balance between the three communities.

Broken Hills, an unpopular town with new players. Considering there isn't many things to do there, while there are a fair few traders and NPCs, the true purpose of this location is to serve as a battlefield between the numerous factions that participate in Town Control.

This town was not always like this, way back in Session 1 of the server and even before on 2238 server, Broken Hills was the main turf of certain Role playing group calling themselves "Broken Hills Hunters". They would always be telling other players that was willing to listen how Broken Hills is an excellent ground for any RP activities. Furthermore they used to organize a lot of player run events in this town. Broken Hills Hunters were active for quite long time before finally getting disbanded.

Nowadays Broken Hills remains silent. Not many players venture here. Only few dare to explore the underground corridors. Rumors have spread claiming a gargantuan creature of impractical size residing deep within the caverns of their very town. It is rumored to be three times larger than the average deathclaw, and supposedly triple its strength. Ghouls in Broken Hills named it: "Chupacabra" after the legend in the US. Local Super Mutants are calling it: "Squelch of Bane" and humans dare not mention the monstrosity hidden in their catacombs.

Town maps

Broken Hills consists of one map but it also has an underground map. The underground is completely empty though, or is it...

Points of interest


  • 1 - Liz, an NPC trader offering all kinds of goods.
  • 2 - Neil. Another NPC trader. He can teach you the level 2 gunsmith profession.
  • 3 - The workbench location.
  • 4 - Mel, a super mutant selling a cave base map for 80 000 caps.
  • 5 - Phil, a bartender that sells some drinks and has caps.
  • 6 - Marcus, the leader of Broken Hills. Gangs that want to start TC must talk to him.
  • 7 - Town Control box.
  • 8 - Doc Holiday. He can sell you Antitoxins, barter with you or heal you for a small amount of caps.
  • 9 - A bartender. Kind of a weird place for her to be running a bar. She offers drinks and caps.
  • 10 - Jacob, the mutant hater. Nothing interesting, move along.
  • 11 - A waterpump. You can use it to pump water. Hence the name waterpump. A magnificent invention indeed!
  • 11a - A waterpump. Another one.
  • 12 - Zaius, a supermutant selling Refined Uranium Ore for 200 caps per piece.
  • 13 - Steve. He's an NPC coming from Fallout 2. Quite useless one.
  • 14 - Mickey. He's an NPC coming from Fallout 2. Just like Steve he's useless.
  • 15a - Underground entrance.
  • 15b - Underground entrance.
  • 15c - Underground entrance.
  • 16 - Well. You can climb down the well.


  • 1 - Secret Passage. A passage to other part of tunnels. Could be useful as an escape path.


  • 1 - Secret Passage. A passage to the well.
  • 2a - Exit. A northern exit.
  • 2b - Exit. An exit leading to one of houses.
  • 2c - Exit. An exit leading to toilet.
  • 3 - Chupacabra.

Town Control Videos

First One

A Video from C88.
A Town Control feature done in Broken Hills.


A Video from Rogues.
A Town Control feature done in Broken Hills.


  • Yes, there really is Chupacabra modeled as a rat located there. Yes this creature is really deadly. And yes you can get achievement if you kill it.
  • The Broken Hills Hunters very very active during s1 here. Not much is saved from that old times. We did saved some screens of one of events. Enjoy!
Screens from events..
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