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In this article we will write about craftable items. Firstly I'll describe the crafting bonuses then at the end of article you can find list of craftable stuff.

Global Technology Progression

In the world of FOnline2 the technology progress slow but steady.In the beginning not everything will be available, you will first need to discover blueprints throughout the wastes.

You can find blueprints in:

  • Dungeons
  • Encounter Containers
  • Caves Skeletons
  • Random Global Events
  • Special Encounters

And many, many other places, the Global technology can be checked here. For more information about blueprints check it's page.

Crafting Bonuses

Most of weapons and armors can get certain bonuses. Such items are highlighted by having its name painted in certain color. You can obtain item with bonuses by for example:

  • Crafting - Some items will be better than other crafted. To increase your chances of obtaining better items, you can use workbench in unprotected location, the bonus will be very small though. Before you will be able to craft upgraded item you will need to read it's blueprint first though.
  • Exploring Dungeons - Some items in dungeons will spawns with bonuses instead of being regular stuff.
  • Looting TC Box - Some items are spawning with bonuses.
  • Controlling Serra - Yes you really can get Adv. Power Armor MK II. Although "can" doesn't mean that you will, since so far no one spawned such item. Its still technically possible though.
  • Attending to Enclave Supply (Event) - the stuff spawning there can get bonuses too.

Note: Most of Close combat weapons and also throwable weapons plus Zip Gun and Pipe Rifle can't get item bonuses.

Chance to get bonus

Thousand Rocket Launchers in piles(one hex on this picture is usually occupied by 10 rockets in one pile). There's a mistake in this image. There was 14 advanced rocket launchers instead of 12.

Our slave has crafted 1000 Rocket Launchers to research those statistics. While 1000 is nice number is still far from perfect statistic information. Remember that math and probability is weird so don't expect that the result will be 100% accurate.

In the test green-robed monkey crafted 1000 Rocket Launcher:

  • 802 REGULAR

So we can assume that chances to get higher quality items are:

  • 80200/1000 = 80.2% to get REGULAR
  • 7200/1000 = 7.2% to get UPGRADED
  • 6400/1000 = 6.4% to get ENHANCED
  • 4800/1000 = 4.8% to get IMPROVED
  • 1400/1000 = 1.4% to get ADVANCED

Chance to get bonus with unprotected Workbench

User Boon has recently shared on forum results of his experiment with crafting in unprotected Workbench. Here's the copy paste of his data.

  • 779 REGULAR
  • 103 UPGRADED

So we can assume that chances to get items are:

  • 779/1000 = 77.9% to get No bonuses/Peasant's
  • 103/1000 = 10.3% to get Gray/Merc's
  • 57/1000 = 5.7% to get Yellow/Hero's
  • 45/1000 = 4.5% to get Blue/Legend's
  • 16/1000 = 1.6% to get Orange/Doge's

What does this mean in practice? Well you should probably still craft in protected town as with rate-up of 2 more advanced items per 1000 is probably not worth to take the risk. If you don't craft many items you won't ever notice the diffrence and if you craft a lot then there's high chance of you being spotted by enemies.

Chance to get bonus with Engineering Implant

Another thousand Rocket Launchers in piles.

Our Craftmonkey has crafted another 1000 Rocket Launchers to research those statistics. This time with Engineer implant."

  • 694 REGULAR
  • 118 UPGRADED
  • 103 ENHANCED

So we can assume that chances to get higher quality items are:

  • 69400/1000 = 69.4% to get REGULAR
  • 11800/1000 = 11.8% to get UPGRADED
  • 10300/1000 = 10.3% to get ENHANCED
  • 5900/1000 = 5.9% to get IMPROVED
  • 2600/1000 = 2.6% to get ADVANCED


Looks like Engineer Implants bonus is really helpful and exist not only on paper. Still the difference isn't that much big. So while this implant is currently blocked not much has been lost and we can still craft quite effectively!

Our Experiment showed that bonus looks like slightly bigger than 10%. How its possible? Answer is simple - crafting just 1000 rocket launcher wasn't enough for data to be fully correct. If any of readers happen to have 40k metal parts, 10k junks and 10k microcircuit please give me a sign to repeat this experiment this time with 10k rocket launchers instead of mere 1000.

List of possible bonuses

On Guns:

  • Accuracy(1-15) -> Increasing chance to hit.
  • AP Reduction(By one) -> Reducing AP cost of weapons usage.
  • Min. Damage(1-2) -> Increasing minimal damage.
  • Max. Damage(1-2) -> Increasing maximal damage.
  • Crit Chance(1-9) -> Increasing chance of scoring critical hit.
  • Crit Roll(1-10) -> Increasing the role for purposes of determining how good your critical was.
  • Range(1-4) -> Increasing range of weapon.
  • Durability((+1 or +2)) -> Decreasing the ratio of deterioration.

On Armors:

  • Anti Crit(1-12) -> Decreasing the chance of being critically hit while wearing armor.
  • Armor Class(1-15) -> Increasing the Armor Class of the wearer.
  • Normal/Laser/Fire/Plasma/Explode/Electrical Resistance(1-10%) -> Improving one of the armor resistances.
  • Normal/Laser/Fire/Plasma/Explode/Electrical Threshold(1-4) -> Improving one of the armor thresholds.
  • Action Points(+1) -> Increasing the amount of action points of armor wearing person.
  • Carry Weight(1-20) -> Increasing the amount of carry weight of armor wearing person.
  • Durability((+1 or +2)) -> Decreasing the ratio of deterioration.
  • Radiation Resistance((1-50)) -> Increasing the radiation resistance.
  • Poison Resistance((1-50)) -> Increasing the poison resistance.

Bonuses on Close Combat Weapons

While most of Close combat weapons can't get bonuses some of them have this option(for example Ripper and Mega Power Fist). The bonuses on close combat weapons work similarly to the one on guns, except that:

  • Close Combat Weapons can't gain: AP Reduced, Durability and Range bonuses.
  • Maximum and Minimum damage bonuses vary from 1 to 10 instead of 1 to 4.

Examples of Items with Bonuses

Here is a list of examples for crafting bonuses. Screens are very old, and comes from session 1. Look how powerful weapon bonus used to be! Offcourse it was a tiny bit imbalanced, but it was a fun times, fun times, im telling you youngster!

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