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Critical hit means that your attack was much stronger than regular and you will deal more damage or cause additional effects to your target.

Critical chance displayed in your character sheet tell how big are your chances to hit critically using unaimed or burst shot. Critical aimed shots are depending on your character luck and this value combined.

Critical Chance

  • Your base critical chance is equal to your luck.
  • You can take perk More Critical to increase your critical chance by 8. You can do it twice.
  • Finesse trait will increase your critical chance by 10%.
  • Winning a Chess Game against ZaX in Glow will grant you option of getting +3 bonus to critical chance.
  • Some of the weapons can increase your critical chance (up to 9%).
  • An marksman implant will increase your critical chance bt 4%.

The maximum base critical chance is: 52%.

Avoiding Critical Hits

When planning your char remember that defending players will also roll for evading critical hit (if he got any anticritical that is), he will also roll for evading ko & kd (if he got stonewall), due to recent mechanic from session 3 all critical shots that would cripple arms of targeted player can be also avoided (if player has big enough STR). To sum up: even if you're perfect sniper, you might find someone that is perfect counter-build to you. Just hope you won't fight such man.

Effect of Critical Hits

Critical hit its usually connected with much more damage dealt by shoot, it also may cause Knock down or knock out. Sometimes a good critical hit can cripple your target. In rare case a shooter might score a Bypass Hit - A critical hit that will ignores almost entire defensive values of target's armor.

Critical Table

Once you score a critical, game determine how strong it was using the crit roll. Here's table showing up possible effects. Burst and unaimed shots counts as targeted in Torso. Game will first roll a 100 numbered dice then add crit roll bonuses (if your character has any).

Critical table.png

Crit Roll Bonuses

  • Your base crit roll bonus is 0.
  • Taking a Heavy Handed trait will REDUCE your crit roll by 30.
  • Taking a Better Critical perk willl increase your crit roll by 20.
  • Installing a Marksman Implant will increase your crit roll by 4.
  • Some Weapons can have a Crit Roll bonus (up to +10 on most of weapons, up to 18 in extremely rare cases of Plasma Rifles, its technically possible to find +26 Crit Roll Turbo Plasma Rifle. Although its practically impossible, so don't count too much on it.)

Aiming Bonuses(UNCONFIRMED)

The following formula is being used here:

Crit Chance = Base Crit Chance + (60+4*LK)/100 * Aim Bonus:

Aim bonus are: 60% Eyes; 40% Head; 30% Groin; 30% Arms; 20% Legs

Also here's the table:


The table is old and my not contain up to date information though.

Defense Against Critical Hits

Crits are fun stuff, not really when you are one receiving it, so here are few things you can do to counteract them.


Are you tired of lying on the ground for the majority of the fight?

Do you want to avoid three Knockouts from Enclave troopers during Enclave Supply?

Your legs are weak and you want to train them by practicing getting up from the ground?

You should invest in BONEHEAD, basically the only tool to counter Crits. The way it works is extremely simple. It's lowering crit rolls you will receive to head and eyes by 10. Is it much, you might ask, and my answer is yes. Actually, it is one of the most important perks for PvP characters, not that needed in PvE but it's obviously helpful.

If you are interested in a bit deeper I suggest you a video by Profesor Dequ. He explains it like no one else.

  • Fun fact, if you have bonehead you are receiving less KO but more KD
Raw numbers in 13:15