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Here's a small collection of questions that players are asking on FOnline2 Forum. If you didn't find answer for your question you can also ask one here:

Questions and Answers - A Forum Thread.


Questions about player character, skills, traits and other.

Q: What is the maximum level ?

A: 99. Visit levels page to get more information.

Q: I understand that the level cap is 99 now, does that mean that I will be able to choose more perks?

A: Nope, there are still 8 perks in total, last received at lvl24 as it used to be.

Q: How does the skill point repartitions and HP works after lvl26 ?

A: From level 26, you will receive 1 HP each two level until level 99, regardless of how much points you have in endurance. About skill points: You will only receive half (rounded down) of what you were getting from level 1 to 26. You will also gain 1 point of carry weight for each gained level.

Q: Do I need a minimum of charisma to talk to NPC or at least some of them?

A: Nope, you can be as ugly as you wish, everybody will be willing to talk with you. :)

Q: I have seen a players with a skins, how can I get one?

A: You can buy skins in clothes shop in Hub.

Q: Where can I find information about Traits and Perks please?

A: Check here.

Q: How does barter skill work?

A: This is a new system that only allows you to raise that skill by using it. So if you want your barter skill to be more effective, you will need to trade as much as you can, and will see your skill improving by itself.

Q: How long can i store up perks?

A: You can keep perk only till another one is coming. In other word you if you don't choose a perk from level 3 before getting to level 6 you will loss one.

Q: Will the perk table be modified after lvl24, if I delay my choice due to requirements for one perk?

A: Yes, the perk table will change accordingly to what requirement is needed.For example If you get 40 in doc skill, then medic will appear on the list when you pass your next level. The last perk could be delayed until lvl99 also because one perk can be erased only if another one is coming next, which is not the case at lvl24 and after.

Q: How long can i store up skill points?

A: You can keep only up to 99 skill points that are not allocated. You will loss all extra skill points so don't store them - use them!

Crafting and Items

Question connected to crafting weapons and other stuff.

Q: Can I craft/loot vindicator minigun, Gauss rifle/pistol, pulse rifle?

A: It is indeed possible to craft them. However, you will be needing extra rare tier 4 crafting components located only in some dungeons and events.

Q: Why are some people able to make special items and not me? How can I pull that off too?

A: To craft a item with bonuses you will need a blueprint.

Q: Is luck affecting the chances to get special items when crafting?

A: Nope, as a wise man said, Random is god. You can increase your chances to get crafting bonuses by using workbench in unprotected location though.

Q: Where the hell can I find minerals and iron ore? They seemed to have disappeared!

A: You can now dig your minerals and iron ore in random encounter maps and caves within those maps. You will find caves in encounters in the wasteland. Don't forget your pick axe.

Q: OH NO!!! I have lost the only key I had for my car, What can I do?? Is there a solution?

A: You can buy blank key (number 0) at car stores, then you have to put it in active item slot and use the lockpick skill on the car. Upon successful lock picking the blank key will be assigned to the car's lock and get a new number.


Questions about Tents, Hotel Rooms, Bases and other kind of storage rooms.

Q: How do I create my Tent?? I have 10 Brahmin hide, used science on them, but it's not working !

A: You now need 2 pieces of firewood and 10 Brahmin hide to create a tent. When you have all those items, have a look in your fix list for crafting item (Hotkey F). Tent should appear in the list, and you can craft it, freely without necessity of a workbench. Then just choose an empty encounter in the wasteland, go to your inventory, hold left click on the tent and use it. That's it, you just pitched a Tent. If game sends you a message that tent's cant be created here - just try other empty encounter till you find one without caves.

Q: Is there any support perk like ranger who allows you to create an upgraded tent with workbench for example?

A: Nope, there is no support perk at the moment, but there might be in the future. No workbench in tent too.

Q: How many bases/tents can I have?

A: You can have as many bases you want. On Each character you can have only 20 Tents.

Q: Where can I buy bases and at what prices?

A: You will find NPCs in various town who will offer you a base map. Prices start at 30k. You will find more information here.

Q: I have tried to create a base just one square from a town and it tells me that I need to go deeper in the wasteland, what does it mean?

A: It means that you are to close to a town. The location for your base must be 1 square length away from the town's circle border on the map.

Q: How can I add a member or more to my base?

A: In each base there is a computer (blue), just use the "add new member" command and click "say" on the right to enter the character name you wish to add. That character must be logged in the game (or be at off status).

Q: Can I have a workbench in my base?

A: No, you cannot, you can only have primitive table that can be utilized to craft minor resources such as gun powder, metal parts and anything you don't need a workbench for in the first place. Public workbenches can be found in any bigger town.

Game Mechanic

Questions about hidden (or not so hidden in other cases) mechanism of game.

Q: How does the repair system work?

A: Here's some information for you.

Q: How can I disassemble my weapon/armor then?

A: Here's some information for you.

Q: How can I cure my drug addiction?

A: You can buy some antitoxin from any doctor for few hundreds caps(cheaper in unprotected towns) or simply ask the doc himself to detox you on the spot for 450 caps.

Q: What is the Field of View formula ?

A: Formula is 20+ Perception*3. You can increase your sight by multiple ways most common of which is taking a quick smoke.

Q: How much time does it take for a merchant to respawn their caps/stuff? How often loot in dungeons respawns? What about critters?

A: About every 20-30 minutes for Merchants and stuff in dungeons. Critters respawn faster.

Q: How does sneak work? does it work on NPC?

A: Yes it works on NPCs, but you need to have a good skill and not too much stuff to carry, because every gram gives adds to a skill penalty. For instance, each 140 grams decrease you sneak skill by 1 point, so each 840 grams will decrease your sneak for 1 hex

Here are more information about how it works :

For empty character :

Number of hexes from which you will be visible:

direct look = opponent FOV(in hexes) - (skill-180)/6

forward side = opponent FOV(in hexes) - (skill-150)/6

back side = opponent FOV(in hexes) - (skill-112)/6

back = opponent FOV(in hexes) - (skill-82)/6

NPCs using only direct look in all cases.


A mix of various questions that doesn't really have any category.

Q: How can I get a shopkeeper?

A: You need to wait for one to be available and then win a lottery. One shopkeeper propose you to pay him for 7 days. But when countdown reaches 3 days, the player that owns him has the possibility to pay for another 7 days, which makes it very hard to get a shopkeeper the normal way. Best is probably to bargain with other players (you will need to buy entire account of players willing to sell his shopkeeper which is risky).

Q: Ok, so how exactly do i get a shopkeeper?

A: So step by step: Find free one, talk to it with character that have at least 21 level, pay him 10k THROUGH DIALOG to get your lottery ticket. Do not barter in those 10k bottle caps to him as you will waste them.

Q: What happens to stuff from shopkeeper when 7 days pass?

A: You can visit him and no matter who owns him, you'll be able to take all your stuff back. Just tell him, that you want to buy some stuff, and he'll tell you that you have your own stuff and you need to take it first.

Q: Can I still find lockers with blueprint in encounters?

A: Yep.

Q: How does the bank system work?

A: You can deposit and withdraw your money in any bank, but they take a fee for each withdrawal.

Q: How can I delete my character?

A: Press enter and put the command shown below :

~deleteself password

You will need to wait about 2-3 minutes for your character to be permanently deleted, to reuse his name if you wish to.

Q How can I change my password?

A: As character deleting process, enter the command :

~changepass oldpassword newpassword

Q: What happens if I leave/die in an encounter with my Vehicle?

A: There will be a green spot in the exact location that you will be able to reenter to retrieve the car.

Q: How to change the color of nickname?

A: Go to the folder containing the FOnline2 files (installation directory). There you will find a file called "NameColorizing.txt".

Q: How exactly the chance to hit is calculated ?

A: Here's some help for that.

Q: What particularity/bonus does the item perk Penetrate gives?

A: Its reduces DMG Threshold (not damage Resistance) of the target.


Information about locations and NPCs.

Q: Cant lockpick any cars arghhhh! I am furious.... for 2 days ago i have found several cars... i have wasted over 8 hours lock picking the fucking thing.

A: Cars in WM events (red dots) such as broken car, minefield or convoys cannot be lock picked and taken. Only their trunks can be accessed. You can only "steal" cars from players.

Q: I cannot find Gun Runners Fortress anymore, did it change location?

A: Yes, it is integrated back into the Boneyard map complex. Just check the town map before entering it and you will be able to choose it.

Q: I am not able to get a pass to get inside vault city, will the guard shoot me if I try to get in?

A: Nope, they won't bother, you can enter the city without any hassle.

Q: Someone said that there was loot in caves, if it is true, where can I find it?

A: When you are in a cave, try to visit it and watch carefully on the ground. Somewhere there is a skeleton that is highlighted when you hover over it with your cursor. It looks like the bones that had a spear on them in the Temple of Trials in Fallout 2.

Q: Where can i sell pre-war technologies?

A: Here's some information.