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Fixboy window in default intereface.
Fixboy window in pure intereface.

Fix-boy is a tool in your Pip-Boy that helps you craft various items.

To open the Fix-boy window press Fix-button.gif button on user interface or use the shortcut "F" key.

Materials and Tools

All items need some materials to be crafted.
Most of items need workbenches to be crafted. In case of few items you can use Primitive Workbenches thats you can find in bases and tents. Only few items in game doesn't require either workbench or primitive workbench.

Blueprint Button

Click on this button to check which blueprint you have consumed, therefore to check which items you can craft with a crafting bonuses.

Crafting list

There is a list of items available to craft.

  • Item with green name - can be crafted right away.
  • Item with red name - can't be crafted due not meeting item requirements.

After gaining Professions some new items will appear in your Fix-Boy.

Crafting process

To craft an item:

  • Open a Fix-boy window and click on an item to craft from the list.
  • Click on desired item name to select it and see it's requirements.
  • If you meet item requirements press the "FIX" button to create an item.
  • You can craft multiple copies of same item by adjusting the amount.