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Tents are solid, secure places where you can store your items. You can have up to 20 tents around anywhere you wish. Your starting location is also considered as a tent.

Glownyzielony1.png Glownyzolty1.png

Glownyzielony2.png Glownyzolty2.png

Glownyzielony3.png Glownyzolty3.png

Glownyzielony4.png Glownyzolty4.png

Glownyzielony5.png Glownyzolty5.png

Glownyzielony6.png Glownyzolty6.png

Glownyzielony7.png Glownyzolty7.png

Glownyzielony8.png Glownyzolty8.png

Glownyzielony9.png Glownyzolty9.png

Glownyzielony10.png Glownyzolty10.png

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