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When normal daily playing routines become boring some people have weird ideas how to make game more intresting. Here's few examples of player ran events. Obviously our wiki monkeys probably missed a lot of them.

New Events

Things that happened in session 3!

Wesan Event #2

A lot of time has passed since last of Wesan's events. This one was made on closed server. Here you can enjoy few screens:

If you're polite enough, have a teamspeak and you don't have drama on your mind... Then I'm going to invite you to something unexpected. In today's evening, 19-20 server time we're going to have fun in safe environment. All you need to have is FOnline client, brains, and teamspeak installed, no microphone needed.
A movie!
Movie made by Dequ, he recommend the highest quality.

Forum Thread

Wesan Madness

Basically one day Wesan had some time. So he went into Hub and killed Tina. And after that he took in everyone he could meet and took them on a ride. The whole event involved, spawning Power Armors, visitng unfinished locations, fighting to dead in Hunger Games event and much more!

Forum Thread

Acosta PvP Events

Player Acosta has been organizing a lot of 1vs1 burster tournaments, this session. There is not much to write about them - they are simple the way to have a nice competitive PvP without any dramas. In other worlds it is a lot of fun!

First Edition

Second Edition Edition

Forum Thread

Dequ Revolt

It's hard to call it an event, but it's quite important, yet very sad day for the FOnline2, especially for holy Xsarqopedia as this event was the ignition moment for my separate wiki. Here is the quote of person that wasn't involved into whole situation so i think we can consider him as a neutral state speaker.

Dequ raged because sot abused metro quest and he started burst them (actually one guy with alts)

Dequ got banned because of wrong working town part where he respawned instead of jail (big wtf) without any warning or anything. Sot didn't got banned :P

Dequ insulted skycast with pretty lolzy vid :D but insulted him in his rage state, skycast raged and banned Dequ on forum, along with his advocates.

Everybody started acting like tantrum kids (it was great fun) Drama drama delicious drama Developers rage vs community rage, mass hysteria and even bigger than normal censorship(plus ban everybody who said something about unbanning Dequ, random kick from mod status like xsarq), developers even censorship each other (yeah lol :D) I cried because I missed heart of this beautiful drama Rage statement of rascal (there was second post to this what was censored :D developer vs developer, rascal wins) Overall shitty attitude both from developers and community

Although it is certainly dark episode in history of FOnline2 it did had one nice thing. When Shit hit the fan most of players stand up and rebelled. Here you can see few screenshots from that action. We won't be discussing or describing this event much more. If you're new player all you should know that it happened and it was very bad. If you're old player: you probably were in middle of that hailstorm yourself.

  • A Video. Not THAT one. Pro tip: you can find THAT one on Dequ's youtube.
A community strike!
Poor Russian's didn't even know what hit them.

Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

Day 28 of October 2018,

To celebrate the 4th anniversary of 3rd session, Devs created a special event, supermutant named Santa came to the Gub and every 12 hours giving each individual character 1 item from THE BANNED PLAYERS BASE'S. Yes, you heard it right. Amount of player skyrocket to 265 players, such activity was last seen in January of 2015, so we shouldn't be surprised that in less than 3 days 9k items just disappeared.

Except for simple items, you can get a permanent boost for a character which would EXP gained by 30% and caps gain of 10% from caravans and quests.

Santa will remain in hub until the end of 2018, so if you don't received your boosts, you can still get it.

Old Events

This are events from session 2 and 1.

Bursting Fun Tournament

Hello guys. I decided to make a tournament it will be a simple elimination tournament. Some strange rules however. This is tournament just for bursters due to the fact plasma will beat best PvP player with KO first shot and win with single left click :P

Forum Thread

1vs1 Buster event took place August 31 at around 20:00 of server time. It was organized by player Judge Prime (C88) at was supported by developer Wesan.

The event gathering was done at Boneyard, Adytum, during gathering player Musashi tried to assassinate the tournament organizer with a dangerous tier 4 minigun. Assassination did succeed but only for limited amount of time as Wesan quickly re spawned the victim. One Vindicator Minigun was lost in the process. The further story of assassin is unknown.

The event itself took place on special event map. It gathered plenty of players: Diuum Deus, Defoxsz, Krystal, WildRabbit, Hermann Boring, CC Ape, Joe. Jackson(Watcher), Tandi, Soulshin3, Layla, Go1hex, Heliophobia(Watcher), James90(Watcher), Pierrtte, Dequ(Watcher), For Fuck Sake2. The most present factions were Boom Come Back Faggot and Freak Legion.

The event winner was player For Fuck Sake 2 also know as Jamie, he won plenty of caps (25k for each player attending in the event) as well as a right to display a server message. The server message was: "Fuck mysashi, i love you".

During event there were one incident - A pairing of WildRabbit and Diuum Deus had to rematch as it turned out that player Wild Rabbit was found with Advanced Avenger Minigun and Improved Combat Armor MK II. He claimed that he found them in a lockers placed on the map. Since the event rules enforced the use of regular gear the fight had to took place again this time in regular items.

As a side note the amount of players attending the event could be bigger but one of the major groups in the game (NRC) decided that instead of joining the event they will start TC mode, taking several towns during duration of event (As other groups were busy with the event the towns were probably undefended).

The video of the event was recorded by the Wesan and it's available in the forum topic, or you can find it below.

Video from event:

The Lucky Hex Challenge

The Lucky Hex Challenge is a fast-paced PvP event, combining gambling and fighting in a way similar to the Hunger Games event, but shorter.

Forum Thread

Player Feather was bored. Normally a bored player would just go to the Shady Sand or Hub and stand in that city role playing an NPC. Normally - this time instead she organized an micro event for people as bored as she. The event took place on August 10, 2014. The meeting point was in Hub Downtown, it didn't gathered a lot of people, just some fighters and also some watchers. Nevertheless the event turned out to be a big success as it was completed without any hindrances.

No developers helped in making of this event, there were no in game server messages that would help to focus wastelanders attention on this event and due to that it can be called 100% Feather run event, piece of advice: next time you meet her in the wasteland consider not shooting at her on sight as a thank you gesture...well unless she shoot you first that is.

Event Rules were as follow:

  • Each participant will enter the challenge by paying a certain amount of caps into the pot. One round can be played by up to 6 people.
  • The players enter the challenge map naked and without weapons or healing drugs, it is allowed to take drugs before though.
  • On the challenge map players will have to acquire one of the provided weapons fast and terminate everyone else to win the round.
  • The winner takes all caps that were paid on entry. In case of 6 participants that means sextuplet payout.
  • Teaming up with others is allowed. Science any found equipment will result in disqualification.

Video from event:

Lagmaster farm defence

Player Lagmaster bought the Farm one day, then invited people for some group fun at it. Half of players attending was going to defend the farm from the other half that was attacking. Event turned out to be big success as many players come. Only low tier items were allowed, with made event something different from normal PvP. Raider lost.

Forum Thread

Videos from event:

Lagmaster farm defence #2

The second time Lagmaster decided to organize his Ranczo event. This time Rules allowed one Rocket Launcher for Raiders that caused them to own Guardians hard. Still event gathered plenty of people.

Forum Link

Madmaster says/Madmaster asks

Player Madmaster organized an event in which people had to fulfill his commands. The one who didn't fulfilled his wishes was eliminated till the only one persons stands. Player Fridgeman turns out to survive the most and win the event.

Forum thread

Theater play. Tragedy "Hamlet", W.Shakespeare

A full scale acting in Redding. It gathered plenty of people that watched it. As far as i know the actors and their acting were great.

Forum Thread

Magic & Mystery - Adventures in the Night

Annabella's Event. Don't ask for details - its complicated.

Forum thread

The Friendly Flare event

Another Annabella's event. Yep still way to complicated to even try to describe.

Forum thread

Boneyard Basement Brawl

Some players decided that using a gun in fight isn't badass enough. So they decided to have some fist fights. Event turned up to be huge success gathered a lot of people.

Here's video of it:

Forum Thread

Broken Hills Hunter's Town Opening

RP Group called BHH organized Tournament fight in theirs city. There also were many additional events like for example searching for hidden item. Event turned out to be huge success. Unfortunately all screens and forum thread were lost.