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Redding map, in-game graphic.


A mining town. The primary manufacturer and distributor of gold in the southern California. It has strong trading connections with New Reno, NCR and Vault City.

Redding is a small mining town without any active quests. It does have a few shops and important NPCs (a level 2 scientist profession teacher and a high grade steel seller). Since this town is on the Town Control list, it often turns into an unforgiving battle zone for many of the player driven gangs. As for Town Control module in this town, the fights here are taken usually on the middle range. This town is liked by many PvP enthusiast for that is giving them a lot of options for moving through the buildings and trying to out-position their opponent.

As mentioned earlier this town is mostly visited for its high grade seller, thus the NPC selling them is quite a promising ground for traps favored by many player killers. Since everyone need to buy high grade steel to craft their weapons you should always come here armed with friends, obviously armed friends and do the group shopping. Buying high grade steel alone is an unnecessary risk that you shouldn't never take.

Long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, a gang called TTTLA tried to turn this city into "The City of Law" but the project ended ages ago, and that's really a whole different story... Today it's just another quiet town that is rarely visited... except during the Town Control hours.

Town maps

Like Modoc, the map of Redding consists of only one area.

Points of interest


  • 1 - A trader. The usual NPC trader.
  • 2 - The Sheriff. Talk to him if you want to start Town Control timer.
  • 3 - Town Control Box.
  • 4 - A suspicious looking man. If you have any pre-war data parts, he will offer you caps for it.
  • 5 - A doctor. Another NPC doctor. He sells medicine, offers healing for caps and sells Antitoxins.
  • 6 - Duke. He can sell you the trader mansion base map for 100 000 caps.
  • 7 - Lou. A bar owner with some drinks and caps in her inventory.
  • 8 - The local branch of the FLC.
  • 9 - Mining Quartermaster. You can exchange Kokoweef mine scrips for explosives (3 scrips for mines or dynamite, 4 scrips for trigger explosives).
  • 10 - Lucas, a level 2 scientist teacher.
  • 11 - Josh. A bar owner with nothing to sell except for some beer (can be bought through dialog option).
  • 12 - Morningstar Mine worker. This guy sells 1 piece of high grade steel for 1000 caps, (much cheaper than at the Gun Runners, but remember that this place is dangerous).
  • 13 - The workbench location.
  • 14 - James. A talkable NPC.
  • 15 - Waterpipe.
  • 16 - Madame Modjeska. A talkable yet boring and useless NPC.
  • 17 - Ascorti. A talkable yet boring and useless NPC.
  • 18 - Fammie Mae. A talkable yet boring and useless NPC. Don't get fooled into paying her any caps!

Town Control Videos

First One

A Video from C88.
A Town Control feature done in Redding.


A Video from Rogues.
A Town Control feature done in Redding.


  • What's the best place for drama in the wasteland? REDDING! (If you answered "Forum" you get 0,5 point.)
A "Gamlet" drama


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