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Concept Art for Fallout 3 Vault's Simulation Room made by Adam Adamowicz.
(Woah it's so creepy! It's kinda fits here as well, at least from this one you can actually exit any time you want...)


A Simulation System is a special game mode that allows wastelanders to quickly and effortlessly immerse themselves into the PvP skirmish scenario without need of obtaining gear, ammunition or any other kind of supplies. This brand new FOnline2 feature was intruduced to the game in July 2016. You can find this feature in Vault City's Vault on level 1. You do not need to become Vault City Citizen in order to use this feature. I guess conversation with Vault City guards goes something like this: "You want to Enter Vault stranger? Hell no!...och you here to fight in simulation and pay us a lot of caps? Go in then."

For each simulation session a player hosting it has to pay a fee of 500 caps.

Hosting Options

To host a game room simple start dialog with the console in the Vault level 1 room. Make sure you have caps in your bank account. As Each match will cost 500 caps it might be good idea to prepare like 5k minimum so you won't have to worry about having to break in middle of fun. Once room is hosted and assuming you have enough players to play with a host can do set the following things:

Map Picking

There's 14 different maps to choose from and a "Pick at random" setting.

Time Picking

  • Day

Battle will be fought in daylight. Most convenient option.

  • Night

If you are some kind of Vampire you might instead of day, fight at night. Everything will be bit harder to spot. It's still not as bad as a third option though.

  • Simulation Blue

If you are masochist you can turn this option. Instead of fighting in Daytime or at Night entire battlefield will be illuminated by some very weird cancerous blue tint. The explanation for this troll option was that: "Ughm it's a simulation not a real fight right? So we made the whole screen blue so players will know that this is simulation instead of normal gameplay. Yeah makes perfect sense.

Selecting Max Item Tier

If you wish you can decide on how high the maximum pickable item tier will be used in your room. Here's list of items per tier:

List of Tier 1 Items:

Maxinv.gif Spleathr.gif Ltharmor.gif Bluerobe.png Robeinv.gif Darkredrobe.png VJumpsuitLB.png Spear.gif Spear2.gif Oknife.gif Knife3.gif Club.gif Switchbd.gif Crowbar.gif Sledge.gif Brsnuck.gif Brsknkls.gif Gaunt.gif Knife2.gif Mola.gif Zipgun.gif Pistol.gif Magnum2.gif 44mspeed.gif Magnum.gif Deagle2.gif Flamethr.gif Rrspec.gif Springun.gif Hrifle.gif Shotgun6.gif Soshotgn.gif Greasegn.gif Lasergun.gif Mlaspist.gif Cigarettes.gif Dxboost2.gif Jet.gif Bottle.gif Stimx.gif

List of Tier 2 Items:

Ltharmr2.gif Mtlarmor.gif Mtlarmr2.gif Cprod3.gif Vblade.gif Mpwrfist.gif Grenadeo.gif Grenadeq.gif Needler.gif Smgpstle.gif Decker.gif M60.gif Minigun.gif Iflameth.gif Rlaunch.gif Hrifle2.gif Grifle.gif Assrifl2.gif Assshot.gif Tommygun.gif Uzi.gif Glock.gif Solarscr.gif Lrifle.gif Stimpak.gif

List of Tier 3 Items:

Tesla.gif Cbtarmor.gif Cbtarmr2.gif Ssledge2.gif Catprod2.gif Wknife.gif Grenadep.gif Lightsup.gif Aminigun.gif Fnfal.gif Indweap.gif Hkcaws.gif Sniper.gif Hkp90c.gif Pulsepst.gif Lrifle2.gif Plasma.gif Psycho.gif

List of Tier 4 Items:

Comba2a.gif DSRTCA.png ECA.png BlueCA.png Cmbdmr.gif Jknife.gif Eliknife.gif Slugger.gif Gaussptl.gif Vminigun.gif Jackhamr.gif M72gauss.gif Hkg11.gif Hkg11e.gif Ufogun.gif Plas2.gif Pulserif.gif

List of Tier 5 Items:

Pwrarmor.gif Bozar.gif Minilazr.gif

List of Tier 6 Items:

Parmor2.gif Fedhypo.gif Cookie1.gif

A Tier 7 Special Item:



Note: That's just speculation!

  • Basically right now only simulation PvP part of this feature is done and released. And even that part is not really done. Simulation feature really offers a lot of options. Right now players have everything set on the plate. Even the Robo Armor can be used if they wish to - we can safely expect that it won't be case for very long. In game there are traces of unfinished point system, Where? Just check the Karma entries in your character sheet. The more simulation points you gather the better tier options you will be able to host with. Another unfinished business are two extra options that you can pick instead of PvP mode. The first option: "Holodisks Sim Boot" is not really yet well know but rumors says about special items can be found within the wasteland(dungeons, events, sierra control, town control etc) that will unlock special PvE quests. Some thing lorewise can't be put inside the game, for example we can't have players blowing up Enclave Drilling Platform, but simulation has no limits and thus such insane quests will be probably possible only in form of the simulation holodisks. The second not yet implemented option is called: "Player vs Environment" and just like in the Holodisks cases there is no confirmed information but just wild speculation about series of tough PvE challenges. For example the game will be offering you a list of battles with NPCs. Ever wanted to clash with 100 deathclaws in Tanker? Now u can. Or you will. Or actually not since it's just theory at this point. Woah this section of the article is getting bit chaotic and messy. I know. Let me make it even more messy and suddenly return to PvP part of the simulation feature, there you can find yet unfinished mode called: "Set Bet". It looks like it will be possible to fight for caps with other players. That sounds very neat. To sum up: Simulation System offers a lot of possibilities.

Video Materials

First One

Showcase of several skirnishes.
Actions from simulator.


They called it "Hinkley" one time too much...