Suspicious Church

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Work in the progres


Suspicious Church displays as Suspicious Ruins on world map. It is the wast underground chem factory filled with drugs and raiders. It is the best, out of all world map events, in terms of providing players with jet and psycho. If you see one pop up in crowded area you it might be risky to try to clean it due to high popularity of this dungeon. In general there are three zones where this dungeon spawns:

  • 1 - From boneyeard, coast to San Francisko
  • 2 - Around and above New Reno.
  • 3 - Above and below Ares.

Nice dungeon for Big Boys.


Surface is very easy, the only thing you have to do basicly is spawn. NPCs are hidden in church, whenever you will come to their line of sight they will rush toward you, straight into mines. Yes, those idiots will just walk on their OWN landmines, which make surface basicly clear. From now on you can take two routes hard (1) and easy one(2). If you are by yourself i suggest to take easier way.

  • 1 - Church entrance.
  • 2 - Ladder entrance.
  • 3 - Spawn points.
  • 1 - Church entrance.
  • 2 - Ladder entrance.
  • c - Containers