Suspicious Church

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Suspicious Church displays as Suspicious Ruins on world map. It is vast underground chem factory filled with drugs and raiders. It is the best, out of all world map events, in terms of providing players with jet and psycho. If you see one pop up in crowded area you It might be risky to clear this dungeon due to it being a popular location to farm drugs. In general there are three zones where this dungeon spawns:

  • 1 - From boneyeard, coast to San Francisko
  • 2 - Around and above New Reno.
  • 3 - Above and below Ares.

Nice dungeon for Big Boys.


  • 1 - Church entrance.
  • 2 - Ladder entrance.
  • 3 - Spawn points.

Surface is very easy, the only thing you have to do basicly is spawn. NPCs are hidden in church, whenever you will come to their line of sight they will rush toward you, straight into mines. Yes, those idiots will just walk on their OWN landmines, which make surface basicly clear. From now on you can take two routes hard (1) and easy one(2). If you are by yourself i suggest to take easier way.

  • 1 - Church entrance.
  • 2 - Ladder entrance.
  • c - Containers

First of all remember, the enemies might not be hard to kill, whole dungeon is guarded by mid level humanoids like raiders or mercenaries but ammount of them is just crazy. You will have to deal with like 25+ NPCs, which is rather a lot.

  • Route (1) Remember DO NOT open the doors , you will die if you do. You have to clear them step by step and it's gonna take a while. However grenades, flamers or bazookas can come in handy due to splash DMG. If you are taking to much DMG and just can't heal up fast enough you can hide on the left from the ladder. It is like a safe spot where no enemies outside your poistion can hit you. Just heal up and proceed forward. After you are done with first wave of npcs you can open the gates. You should close the doors, because in case of enemies coming to get you, you will know it beore they will actualy come to contact with you. Knowledge is power. After you kill NPC which didn't got agro you can open the last door. There should be like 4 enemies remaining which will be rather easy to finish. While getting this sweet sweet loot.

It is rather slow and conventional route which you can make fast if you have some splash DMG, in other case i would suggest route 2

  • Route (2)A

When you spawn, DO NOT MOVE place where you have came is filled with mines. Try to disarm them while going to the right side. And from that point you have two option how to do it; Either kill everything which is located there Same like with route 1 OR you can lure NPC to STEP ON THE MINES. True it require a bit of skill and experience with handling stuff like that but it make its the fastest way to clear it dungeon. You have however preper esape route through mines beforehand. To do it that way you have to open door and run straight out of NPC sight. When mines on one side deplete ( Usualy the upper side )You should just move to the bottom for new set of mines. Rest is going more or less like route 1. Clear rest which didn't got agro and rush the loot.

  • Route (2)B

HOWEVER, if you are Grenadier you can do it a bit different. NPC aren't doing that much DMG so you can RUSH past them open the doors to the drug area and close it behind not letting NPC to join you inside. IT is rather hard but duable. BUT why do it that way? Because if somebody will spawn and try to rush you NPC will just agro them and you situation will be way better.


If you will have screens of all drugs you have got from this dungeon just PM me on a discord cause I lost my screenshots (gladwin)